Decorating for Christmas


We made Thanksgiving chains for family night tonight. Above is the finished product, below is the process.


Story time with Dad.
Here are the latest action photos of Hallie and Kenadi.



Shantae could have been a number of things for Halloween; a pregnant witch, a pregnant vampire bride, either way I thought she looked good.
The girls had a lot of fun on Halloween. We got together with Shantae's family and had plenty of candy. Here are a couple of their little cousins in their costumes.


Here is Shantae. She is almost 20 weeks along and looking beautiful. We haven't found out what we are having yet. Shantae is positive it's a girl, and Hallie is positive it's a boy. Needless to say Shantae's confidence is a little shaken by Hallie's certainty.
This is our halloween preparation. Hallie has been so excited to get a pumpkin and was a great help. Kenadi was a very good observer.


The girls are having fun beating on their dad.
Shantae and Hallie were making sugar cookies.


Here are our beautiful girls. Marshae took these pictures a couple days ago. Hallie is three and Kenadi is one. They are clearly the cutest girls ever.


Just because she's cute.
We had our first snow of the year today, and Hallie got to try out her new coat!


Hallie got new glasses a while ago. She is doing really good at keeping them on. Kenadi is very supportive.


I recently purchased a motorcycle from my brother. It has been fun driving to school and saving me a lot of gas. I am a very careful driver, and all my students think it is awesome!
Waterskiing in summer 2008 Photo by Nick Barker



We had a good time at the Halloween party. Kenadi was a strawberry(if you couldn't tell), Hallie was our princess.


Hallie and Kenadi

Hallie and Kenadi love each other very much. Hallie gets Kenadi to laugh more than anyone can.


Waterskiing footage during the summer.

Family photos

Here are some of the latest pictures of our family